Spektra Direkt 2 Crossover Body

Spektra Direkt 2 Crossover Body

Spektra Direkt 2 Crossover Body

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The Spektra Direkt 2 has been designed to push cartridges as well as standard needles. The MultiVise System allows you to use any grip on the market: screw on grips and grip with a traditional backstem. The Direkt 2 comes with stroke caps in three different sizes: 2.8, 3.4 and 4.0 mm, so you can you can adjust the stroke length to your preferences.

Key Features:

-Uses Standard Needles and Cartridges with ease

-Grommetless clip-on armature

-Patented Spektra MultiVise System accepts conventional backstem and screw-on style cartridge grips without the need for adaptors.

-CNC crafted from one solid rod of 6061 T6 aluminum, mirror polished and anodized for ultimate durability

-Interchangeable Stroke Caps in 2.8mm, 3.4mm, and 4.0mm sizes.

-Hex Drive MotorBolt system is compatible with Direkt 1 and Edge X Motors

-Silent at high or low voltages

-Powerful and Consistent

-Maintenance free, no lubrication required

-Made in the USA

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