Rocket Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Rocket Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Rocket Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

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Protective Mechanism

1Output short circuit protection

2Dual input charging protection (batteries and the control board both equipped with shutdownovershoot and over discharge protection)


Instruction Manual

1Press and hold the power button 2 seconds to turn on/off.

2Click the power button to adjust the voltage 6 7 8 9 11V.

3Default booting at 10V start-up voltage in 0.2s,then load to the last memory working voltage.

4It will shift to display the capacity of battery without working over 2s, and the indicator light is on the breathing state,the five indicators represent for 20%-100% of the power capacity,Click the button return to voltage display.

5 The indicator light is blinking during charging,       stop blinking with the overshoot protection working  when full charged.

6The pack capacity is 1200mAh,3.5 hours to be full charged at above 1A charger,about 8 hours working at 8V .

7This pack is only for rotary machines but coil machine

8Don’t use this pack while charging.


Problem solution

Please connect with charger to activate when shut down.

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