ET-i Premium Cartridges Needles

ET-i Premium Cartridges Needles

Give artist finger extra comfort,

less finger fatigue and absorbs those damaging vibrations while tattooing

1.ET second generation Cartridge System, Stable System and Premium Needle, Made for Professional Artists. Carefully designed and more convenient for tattooing.

2. Nice Build, High Quality 3.Silicone Cartridge Cover on each needles, RL RS RM M1, 4 different colors silicone cartridge cover and cartridge cap.

Easy to find the right cartridges(RL Black, RS Pink , M1 Red, RM Blue ).

4. Looks perfectly and silicone finger ledge is very comfortable. Especially for long sessions, give you more area for rest your hands.

5. Professional Membrane system prevents the ink to be back to grip or machine.

6. Fits for all standard tattoo cartridge grips & tattoo machines.

7. Light clear colors tip body, better visibility,Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside, Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.

8. OEM Service Available, Cartridge color, blister paper, brand box.

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